Sunday, June 24, 2007

Haiku Results--The Final Batch

Crazy-whack clipart
gives me migraines. At least it's
not iPod updates.


Writers dreams are mists
dark shadows of what might be
if EE is pleased.


sucks enormous gopher balls,
except for EE.


Since I'm a P.I.,
I found EE's true ID
and his real name is:


Though my minions are
Without exception insane,
I still love themall.


Oops, that last Haiku
Has a missing space, but it's
Quite clear where it goes.



writtenwyrdd said...

I'm beginning to think these writing exercises are an excuse for EE to expand his Clip Art usage.

Great haiku!

AmyB said...

I love haikus. I can never think them up myself, but these were all so funny.

kaz said...

blogless troll - 'also, a vampire' LOL!
marissa doyle - you, my dear, are a poet!

GutterBall said...

What does the mall have to do with anything??

Dave said...

No mall, "them all"

Anonymous said...

gutterball -- see blogless' haikus #2 and #3.

ME said...

Yes marissa's several are quite nice.
I also liked phoenix's and Dick was clearly on a roll.
Blogless troll seems to have really "researched" the subject.

Most surprised by EE's -- who knew the werewolf/zombie/vampire editor managed to retain rights to his own soul?? I guess some copyrights really are binding!

Anonymous said...

2nd hint to gutter: America -- the land of malls!

foggidawn said...

Actually, I think Gutterball got the correct interpretation right off. . .

GutterBall said...

Guys. It was a joke. Anonymous 2:29? Nicely done!

phoenix said...

What this proves is that not one of us knows how to write a "real" haiku :o)

But for fun, these were great. Kudos to all, especially Marissa, Blogless, ME, Takoda and Dick!!

EE was really living up to his moniker, wasn't he? Some of those zingers hurt. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

"...copyrights really are binding" - hehe, ME.

McKoala said...

Far too late to party, but I loved these!