Saturday, June 23, 2007

Haiku Results, Part 1

Your opening sucks.
But posting it on this blog
Brings laughs to millions.

--Evil Editor

Fantasy writer?
The fantasy is that you
think you write.--EE

--Dick Margulis

A new beginning
Pen of Evil Editor
Rejection sucketh


Oh My Evil One!
Smear your blue ink over me
And correct my tense.


Just think of the trees
We minions save every day
Posting, not writing.


You call that a plot?
The minions will let you know,
at Evil's behest.

--Dick Margulis

My Fair Editor --
The Devil’s in the details
When Blogger eats it.


Evil Editor:
Generous with sarcasm;
Mocker of writers.

--Rachel Green

Evil Editor
On the French Riviera
With Nicole Kidman


1 comment:

Dave said...

There is, as you know
Insufficient Humor in the World.

Brings laughs to millions."