Saturday, June 23, 2007

Haiku Results, Part 2

comments in blue make us spew
coffee at our screens

--Marissa Doyle

Gentle fall of words
Shredded on a blog that proves
those who can't, critique.


Yes, your work gets mocked.
This will help you to improve.
Though you still won't sell.


One evil edit
Deserves another, they say.
I’m not buying it.


Evil's nature is
The complete lack of goodness.
Yup. This is the place.


If he were really
evil, EE would pick my


You like being the
butt of sarcastic lampoons?
Submit to Evil.

--Dick Margulis

Are his side whiskers
real or just a pair of dead
voles glued to his face?

--Marissa Doyle

If you don't submit
Queries and openings soon
This blog may snark off.


1 comment:

The Green Cat said...

Love the one about the sideburns!