Friday, October 19, 2007

Writing Exercise Results 1

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The washroom door didn't quite fit the frame, and scraped along the linoleum as she entered. James had no doubts now. She had been tailing him. She should have known better. With her crooked nose and putrid complexion, her chances of going unnoticed were about as good as her sexual prospects -- only a blind fool would give her success at either.

He crouched on the toilet seat, and waited for the right moment. It came quickly. The door to his stall crashed open.

The block of wood attached to the keys of most gas station washrooms is unwieldy at best, but is almost always useless -- except as a makeshift flail. When her green face entered his stall, he crushed her nose, and she screeched in pain and surprise.

Taking advantage of the situation, he leapt off the toilet, grabbed her by the hair, and thrust her head through the commode's rim. Perhaps she'd be more likely to talk if he established himself as the schoolyard bully and her as the helpless new kid.

He wasn't quite expecting her to melt beneath his fingers.

Staring at her empty robes, and the mist of death that hung in the air, James shrugged, and muttered to himself, "Flushed, not stirred."


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Dave F. said...

Just don't do this at the airport in Minneapolis. It might not be the Wicked Witch who enters your stall.

I can just see a musical version similar to NEWSIES but titled JANITORS.