Friday, October 19, 2007

Writing Exercise Results 3

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"In some future time, a race of sentient beings will consider the light from this supernova a harbinger of fate, a bearer of tidings, a portent of eschatological proportions when logically, it is none of those things." Spock adjusted the scanners to measure the energy output of the supernova.

"But will they..." the electronic voice paused, becoming a chiff of white noise and then returning to audible. "...accept the darkside?" Darth Vader studied the data screens.

"It is illogical to assume the Empire exists in alternate universes. There is only a one in ten billion, three hundred thousand, two hundred and thirty-seven chance." Spock didn't glance at Vader.

"Logic? If you only knew the power of the darkside." Vader's hissing breath increased.

"The Darkside got you here. Logic and intellect will return you. I am bombarding the target with tachyons from above and Vector Bosons below."

"Does this above and below approach work?" Vader examined the equations on the console. His powers of comprehension failed him. Spock was indeed superior.

"Brace yourself -- the area of penetration will no doubt be sensitive," Spock said. A beam of energy formed in the spaceship. It converted Darth Vader into pure energy. Magnetic fields twisted and accelerated Vader's energy into the heart of the supernova. A protective shell closed around Spock's spaceship as the supernova exploded, throwing gravity waves across the galaxy.

"Goodbye and good riddance, Darth Vader the illogical." Spock sat quietly at the control console and resumed his meditation.

--Dave F.


Dave F. said...

The battle of science versus magic, intellect versus superstition, and so on.

ME said...

Very, very good. A most logical Spock, if I ever heard one. But, maybe, just maybe, you've spent just a little too much time with your Star Trek DVD collection!!

Dave F. said...

I'm not a Treckie. I actually won't watch VOYAGER and ENTERPRISE because I think that they are so badly written, they're trash. I tolerate ST The Next Generation (maybe) and Deep Space Nine plotlines are nearly incomprehensible.

Star Trek filled in between the better writing with hack plots of Time Travel (deux ex machina) and utter stupidity (like Spock singing around a campfire) or alternate universes filled with sex and S&M-like characters.

But this has nothing to do with EE's exercise other than Spock being the paragon of intellect and Darth Vader being the paladin of emotion - - polar opposites.

Wonderwood said...

Nice job Dave! Once again, logic beats emotion in a battle to the death. Epic stuff.