Saturday, October 20, 2007

Writing Exercise Results 5

"Mister Q's liverymen delivered your disguise, James." Norman Bates stood before a box about four feet on a side and covered with cartoon decorations.

"Wonderful Norman, help me take my place in the box." Bare-chested and buff, Bond lifted the lid of the box. Norman readied Bond's costume and cloth covering.

"Mother can't imagine a spy ring in a toy store. All those Betsie-Wetsie's and Bratz are spies." He watched as Bond fit his legs into the metal workings of the box. His body bobbed on the giant springs.

"A war in and of the imagination, Moneypenny discovered it." Bond locked the metal around his hips. Norman fit a fabric gasket to the ring. Bond pulled a polka-dot covered shirt over his shoulders, buttoning it over his torso and fastened it to the ring. The balloon sleeves and white gloves hid his humanity. Norman handed him a ball-like clown's head to complete the disguise.

"My single regret in this caper is that the name of my disguise is Jack." Bond fastened a clamp around his neck. The illusion complete, Norman closed the box and removed the ladders. He sang as he turned the handle on the box.

"All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel, the monkey thought it all, all in fun..."

--Dave F.


Dave F. said...

This idea of someone becoming a Jack-in-the-Box, has been driving me crazy for a month. It's like one of those tunes that get stuck in your head.

Church Lady said...

It's one of those evil toys. You never know what's going to pop out!

LOL! Good one, Dave!