Saturday, October 20, 2007

Writing Exercise Results 6

The Principal depressed a button on the intercom.

"What is it, Ms. Magdalene?"

"Sir, the cafeteria staff is complaining that there aren't enough loaves and fishes for this afternoon's lunch."

"I'll deal with it. Anything else?"

"Yes, that Vader boy has been sent in by the shop teacher for bullying again. Goosing the Ewoks with a light saber."

"Oh, Christ," the Principal sighed. "Send him in."

A tall, black-robed and helmeted figure entered and closed the door.

"What did I tell you the last time, Vader?"

"Hmmmmphhhh whoooosh."

"About the zero-tolerance policy on bullying?"

"Hmmmmphhhh whoooosh."

"Don't take that tone with Me, mister."

"Hmmmmphhhh whoooosh."

"Well, you leave me no choice." The Principal activated his communi-holoscreen. "Hi, Pop? Yeah, JC here. Listen. I got a hard case on my hands. Mercy's not working. You still doing that God-of-vengeance thing? Great, I'll warp him over." He closed the connection and turned back to Vader.

"OK, kid, if you thought I was a hard-ass..."

--Paul Penna


Church Lady said...

Nice writing. A fun read. :-)

Anonymous said...

I violated the rules, didn't I? I missed that part about only the Chosen Two getting to have dialog. Urch. Sorry.

--Paul Penna

Robin S. said...

Rules violation or not- this was really well done.

Paul Penna said...

Thanks, guys!