Sunday, August 24, 2008

Truth Serum 4

“Chrissakes, Rosie!” EE banged the palm of his hand on the bar. “How long’s it take. Glass, ice, scotch and a drop of water. Why me?! Can’t keep my minions in suspense.” He turned back to his minions. “Where was I?”

“Jackass,” she whipped around on EE, “the sign out front says ROSIE’S Cantina. I’m the only one raises her voice in here.” She banged the palm of her hand too. Her black eyes flashed. Her face grew flush.

“She’s unreasonably angry,” Dave muttered.

EE cast his most Evil Eye; one eyebrow raised. “We could walk next door to The One Trick Pony,” he taunted.

“Don’t let the door hitcha.” Rosie slowly turned back to the bar, in no hurry.

“I can’t believe her diction,” said Robin beneath her breath. “It’s atrocious.”

“I’ll handle this.”

“What’s he up to?” Freddie whispered.

“I’m sorry,” EE purred. “I shouldn’t have raised my voice. Okay, which one was yours? Was it that crappy one with the blue mermaid thingy? Crop circle? Louvre? Aliens from billions of parsecs away? Gads, they were all awful.” Minions didn’t like hearing this, but they had grown accustomed. EE suspected Rosie might be a new minion using an alias.

She turned with a look of serenity.

“Your drink.” She smiled sweetly, leaned forward and whispered, “I’m not telling. I will say this: You’re craftier than I gave you credit for.”

God I’m good EE thought. He turned back to his minions. I knew it. Only a rank amateur ends a sentence with a preposition. He took a sip and felt the warm blush. “Okay, once again, where was I at?” he asked as he sat back down.

“You were about to deliciously tell about the New Beginning riddled with split-infinitives and run-ons, but she interrupted, and you went and talked to her over there, and we thought we might be packing it in, but now it’s okay, ” Whirlochre said, winded.

Suddenly EE had a radiant expansiveness about him. He leaned back. He chuckled. Minions glanced at one another bewildered at this most uncharacteristic behavior. “Actually, they were all rather good last week. One,” he was getting a little slurry, “made me laugh out loud. It’s been a long time.”

Rosie looked up from the glass she was cleaning, and smiled at her reflection in the mirror behind the bar.



Whirlochre said...

This is great. Is Rosie planning to de-cloak soon?

Luke S. said...

If she is, she'll never tell.

Dave F. said...

Under truth serum EE becomes the eternal optimist... nice, nice. I like it.

Robin S. said...

One made him laugh out loud, huh?

Luke, I like your style, honey. You've got all of us who wrote one last week thinking it was ours, and that's a hoot.

Are you and EE related? He does this stuff, too, ya know.

WouldBe said...

I liked this one too. I have to remember this: “Don’t let the door hitcha.” It's so much more economical than the full expression.

--Bill H.

Anonymous said...

Excellent use of the minions, here!Good fun.


Anonymous said...

Another excellent selection of minions with their own minds, plus Rosie! Hope to see more of her.


freddie said...

I'm going to be self-serving and egocentric. I can't believe I made it into someone else's story! OMG! NOW I feel like a minion, truly. And I really think you captured WO's way of writing. Well done!

ril said...

Very good!

Sarah Laurenson said...

What a fun twist. Good one!

talpianna said...

Where is our OWN Troll when we need him?