Sunday, August 24, 2008

Truth Serum 8

"Yeah, things have been a bit quiet. No, never found out who posted the original message.

"Didn't bother me that much. It was just a mole after all, wasn't it? Makes my stomach turn to think about them. Yes, thanks, another glass might help settle it… I'm not a squirrel fan either. So I just left them to it. Nasty, though. Fur flying. Blood spurting. The mole got the worst of it, but at the end she took the squirrel out with a slash to the stomach, so that was them both out of play.

"Yes, I know it's illegal, but hey, it was fun. Some of the others, though, got a bit soft at the end. Kiersten didn't even make it past the first bite. Moth and Whirlochre were too busy looking in one another's eyes to see much. And Blogless seems to have gone back to being blogless so he wasn't there in the first place.

"Then we moved on to the paca and the hedgehog. Had my worries about that one. Worked out well, though. Turns out that spines in tender spots are remarkably effective. Audience-wise? Well, December muttered something about inspirational and disappeared halfway through. Dave said the whole thing was too long. Anonymous kept coming back for more, but nobody cares about anonymous, do they?

"Robin, though, she was there until the end. Not much she can't handle. Had to think of something special. Easy in the end, though. Left her alone in a thread with nice people like Freddie, Sarah and Fairyhedgehog. Didn't last five minutes.

"So now, it's just the two of us. Oh, yes, I didn't have to do a thing after I first posted…sorry, did I say something?

"Give me a koala any day, that's what I meant to say."



fairyhedgehog said...

My own name in a post is a definite hook! I liked this and smiled at the thought of Robin being taken out by Freddie, Sarah and me being nice.

Dave F. said...

That was cute and adorable. Good work.

WouldBe said...

It went over my head, but I liked it anyway. I think I missed another memo; happens a lot.

--Bill H.

Robin S. said...

...I liked that part, too, FH.

Sounds to me like we're gonna have to do a writing exercise soon like we did last winter, McK, where we fight over EE at his writer's retreat. 'Member?

"Give me a koala any day..." indeed, young lassie. What about them birds, is what I wanna know!

Whirlochre said...

This is a treat.

Anonymous said...

Very fun read!!! A tribute to the minions, many of whom will be shocked, I say, Shocked! at the news of their own demise!!!


freddie said...

I see how it is. Shameless self-promotion, McKoala.

But I readily forgive when I see my own name in a story, especially when attached to the word "nice."

Love it! Great ending.

ril said...

Yeah, OK, so I don't rate a mention. Fair enough. Anonymous gets in, but not me. No need to explain; I understand, really. Just as well; I fight like a girl, anyway. Would probably just have run away.

Nicely done!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Only ril can do justice to ril.

Very funny stuff here.