Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pedicure 8

I tell ya, I was real scared. First job since I quit Wal-Mart.

Dunno what I was expecting. Grandmothers, I guess. Wrinkly and soapy and whiny. So when this guy walks in, I'm thinking what is this? Yeah, he was old — but a real looker.

My boss said talk about the weather. Anything, anything but politics. So I says nice day and he says yeah, and it’s real weird, but before I know it I'm telling him about some book I read in high school. Dunno why. Then he asks me how long I've been a pedicure girl. Normally, I woulda lied, but he seemed kinda nice so I told the truth. He said I was good for a beginner, and made some clever joke I didn’t understand, but I laughed anyway. Then he did this funny wiggly thing with his toes and I had to tell him to stop ‘cos my ribs hurt real bad.

Strange, though. I could see there was something on his mind. Sure, while I buffed him up, the way he was talking, he coulda been sittin' in a coffee bar, telling me about his favourite TV shows and all kinda goofy stuff about his dog, but it was there, behind his eyes, like a sad, sad secret. All locked away.

I shouldn’t have, I know, but as he left, I had to ask him, ‘you OK?’
‘Fine,’ he says, and smiles, but we both kinda knew. Then he asks, ‘you here next Monday?’ So I nod and he heads for the desk.

After that, it was grandmothers. Grandmothers and crazy bimbos. When I got out at six I ran straight for a bar. But I figure I’ll stick it a while. 9.15 Monday sounds fine, right now.



Sarah Laurenson said...

More, please!

Julie Weathers said...

Oh, Whirl, to see the sadness in EE. Nice story.

Dave F. said...

This is nice and sweet.

WouldBe said...

Super, Whirl. Literary heart-tugger.

Kiersten said...

Wow, Whirl, this was such a departure for you. Well done!

kaolin fire said...

Good hook :)

Anonymous said...

Best entry, hands down.