Sunday, November 23, 2008

Evil Editor through History 2's like this.

That's how you start? It's like this?

Well, yeah, man, that's right. It's about me, and some...ah...friends...some fellow malcontents bored with the fucked up societal status we're...

Do you see me tapping my foot? Do you? That's a societal signal. It means I'm bored with your malcontent.


Don't call me Man.

You're The Man, aren't you? The Editing Man?

That's The Evil Editing Man to you, bub.

Do you wanna hear my pitch or not, Mr. Evil Editing Man?

Yes. Yes. You paid for my time at this conference. I've therefore conferred my time upon you. My suggestion is, you get to the point. Now.

All right all right already, Evil Man. Evil Societal Dictates Man.

For the love of God, will you get to the point?

It's about me being on the road. And the title of my work is On The Road. I woulda called it...

Yeah. Yeah. On the fucking road. How original.

How's this for original? I wrote my work on one long long long ream of paper. I mean, man, it was long. Who else you know could do that? Just take off and riff with their words like that, man?

How many drafts did you have before your mindbending epic verbal riff, man? that I kept or counted....because it was all about feeling the beat. Feeling the pulse..and...

All right, all right. I think we can do something with this counterculture crap.

--Robin S.


Anonymous said...

Man, I thought this was great. Evil may have been tapping his foot, but I was snapping my fingers. Dig it!!!


WouldBe said...

I really liked this, Robin. Evil "The Man" Editor.

Dave F. said...

Nice work

Xenith said...

Don't get?

Robin S. said...

Hey Xenith,

It's Jack Kerouac - On the Road. He's from the beat generation.

Xenith said...

Ah, thanks. I still had to look him up on Wikipedia though :)