Sunday, November 16, 2008

Uncooperative Agent 3

It's really important to me, I said to her. But all I got was her cold shoulder, and she had a shoulder cold enough that I saw it clearly right through the phone line. She was damn good with the silent messaging. I was impressed.

I really really really want him to edit me. Really. I mean, look at it this way…he basically already has been, you, know, editing me. For close to two years.

No response.

(Damn. Has it been that long? Close to two years? Good Lord.) [No, that's not me talking to the agent. That's me talking to me.]

What do you have against the guy? Could you tell me, so I can understand?

I heard sighing on the line. And a pencil, maybe a pen, scratching along on paper. I waited, and I was nice, because I was very comfortable and content and, hell, let's be honest, freaking thrilled to have connected with this agent. She'd been on my top ten wish list, and I didn't wanna make her mad. So I just said…Is there a bad history there? Because I know, Sparky can be a smartass…(God, how I love smartasses. Maybe she did, too…)

"Sparky?" She laughed. "Sparky doesn't edit in your genre, you know."

I see your point, and you are, of course, absolutely right. But I'm not sure that matters here. Really. I mean, he's seen so much…

"You don't even know the man's name, do you? Or what House he's with. Am I right?"

Well, yeah, there's that, but…but…well, you have to admit - you can know somebody's name and not really know them. Case in point, I'll send you a few chapters from my second novel…

Oh. Yeah. Already sketched out…yeah…

(Damn. She's really good. Got me off topic like a mama handling a whining child.)

Another silence. This time I think I see her smiling. "You're over three hundred words now…"


--Robin S.


Dave F. said...

The very reason I hate phone calls. They're unreal. So much is left to chance and imagination. Nice work.

WouldBe said...

Dang! Done in by the EE genre limits again!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed and LOL'd this. Of course, after almost mistaking ril's for yours, I was happy to read the real thing!!!


Julie Weathers said...

Ok, you made me laugh with this one.


talpianna said...

I know what House EE is with.


fairyhedgehog said...

'This time I think I see her smiling. "You're over three hundred words now…"'

Nice one!

ril said...

Very well done. A pleasure to read. Foiled by the wordcount.

sylvia said...

Very clever! I hit the end, blinked for a moment and then thought, hang on. She can't do that!

But you did. :)

Sarah Laurenson said...

This was so much fun, especially the ending wordcount chop.

Good job, Robin.