Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poe 2

Within the dark shadows of inner thought my visage was that of a comely nature. Perhaps it was this dichotomy to my reality that spawned the inevitable conflict of feelings which drove me to consider the desperate act. What I know is that, in a growing madness which grew like rabid weeds infesting a garden of beauty, I did consider the act. And once considered, it became a plan. A plan so meticulous in its conception and detail as to impart a sense of wonder and genius to my thoughts.

I acted with confidence. My movements were sure, but serene, lest any should suspect that there was purpose in my behavior. To keep it secret was of utmost import. Should any even suspect my intent the plan would be undone and the madness would remain as a swirling mass of infesting insects, abuzz within my brain and driving me to further acts which would defy any description by any sane woman or man.

But no. I kept control of my being. My breathing was paced, allowing slight variations as I ascended the fateful steps of destiny. The plan was unfolding even as I had intended. The urge to laugh aloud was ever intense upon my person. But I stayed it back with such a degree of strength as to cause me to believe that all tasks were within my power.

As I reached the moment of my climax, the plan before me like a bed, I prepared myself for the final act of consummation. Once done it could not be undone. Had I the courage to commence the act? The darkness of my mind bade me remember my comeliness. I strove with the powers of reality and madness until, at the last, I overcame. And proceeded.

The plan was fulfilled. I had succeeded. The intimacy had begun. The fingers which searched my hairs like a lover’s appetite, bit and clawed in rapturous delight. I gave myself to it. My breathing became labored. All sense of serenity was lost. The plan was more than I could bear. I had to scream!

And then the calmness. The after breezes which follow the storm of intensity wafted over my thoughts and cooled the sweat of my inner desires. I rested in the afterglow of intimacy. And then the words:

“All that hair, Bevie. Next time don’t wait so long to have it cut.”

--Bevie James


fairyhedgehog said...

Very funny! I wondered where you were going with this.

Dave F. said...

That was fun to read. It gave me a hearty chuckle and a big smile. Nice story.