Sunday, April 05, 2009

Queryish Query 3

Dear Sir (or Madam?);

What if you were forced to take a chance on a stranger, casting your fate into her hands like tossing a Chihuahua into the arms of a lion tamer in a room full of hungry panthers?

If you were a secret agent, would you shove the flash drive containing top secret information into the jacket pocket of a random poodle? But what else is super spy Nick Armstrong to do with Gus “Chicken-Face” Lombardi hot on his heels like a rabid Doberman chasing a postman coated in bacon grease and carrying steak tartare in his pocket?

And if you were Tiffi Jones why wouldn’t you ride the elevator down to take your beloved Fluffkins for his daily romp? But what if that cute guy standing behind you is no ordinary hottie but a man like one of those police dogs that looks so adorable when the K9 unit is doing their school presentation but then suddenly turns on you in front of everyone with his “alert pose” and how do you even explain to a dog it was just a poppy seed muffin?

Can Nick find Tiffi again in time? Can Tiffi overcome her crippling fear of stairs? And how can two people from such different worlds work together when the fate of Chicago rests on where one woman walks her dog?

If you have time, why not check out the full 120k manuscript of DOG PARK at my website www.whowillsavefluffkins?.com?

--Sarah from Hawthorne


Rick Daley said...

- The Honorable Mr. Sir, Esquire M.D.
- I would be glad I'm not the lion tamer.
- No, I would use a marsupial, not a poodle. Bigger pockets.
- Run past a fire hydrant. It may not end the chase, but it should buy him some time.
- Because I live in the basement.
- I believe the canine term is "woof."
- Yes, but it will be too late.
- Only with the help of an escalator.
- They earn holiday pay.
- I don't have time. I need a clock.

Wes said...

Wonderfully bad analogies!!!!!!!!!!!!

fairyhedgehog said...

This was very good and I particularly liked the touch at the end where EE is invited to view the novel on a website.

Geoff said...

This is a strong contender for my favorite! See my comment about run-ons above, and then double it for the poppy seed muffin bit. Hilarious!