Sunday, April 19, 2009

Super EE 10

“Aaaaiiiiieeeeee!” screamed a woman in distress. “My coffee is cold and there is a line for the break room microwave. What will I do?”

There came a sudden gust of wind through the usually stagnant office hallway. A short, gray-haired man stood before her. He was covered head-to-toe in bright red spandex, two shining E’s proudly sat across his chest. He was the picture of heroism, save for the bifocals and protruding stomach.

“Have no fear, ma’am,” he said with a crooked smile. “The Editor is here!”

“Editor?” she asked, puzzled. “What does the other ‘E’ stand for?”

“Never mind. Now hand me that stale cup of coffee.”

The Editor whisked the cracked “Show Me the Money!” mug from the woman’s hand. Lifting it in the air, he lowered his bifocals and began to stare intently at the coffee.

The woman looked around nervously. “Um, is something supposed to happen?”

“Just wait!” the editor said snarkily.

“Is this gonna take very long? I have work to get to.”

“Fine!” The editor shoved the mug back at the woman. “Wait in line.”

He swiftly turned around and walked towards the elevator, mumbling to himself, “Stupid mortals. To think I gave up a DESK job for this gig!”

--Adam Casalino

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Sooki Scott said...

Adam Casalino wrote, ". . . save for the bifocals and protruding stomach."

See, I knew waist size 32 was a stretch.

As to "bright red spandex." Must be after he zapped the dreary gene SRV.

I enjoyed your entry!

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