Sunday, April 19, 2009

Super EE 4

Battle drums rang out, braw and strong in the bright morning. The group—a portly man, a thin woman, and a strong hero—reined in their horses and looked around nervously.

As the drums built up to a thumping crescendo, a hulking monster appeared over the top of the next hill, growing larger and larger as he approached the unsuspecting riders. He roared.

They whirled, and the woman screamed. Red light flashed, and the monster slowly toppled over, a smoking hole burned in its chest.

“Cut! Cut, cut, cut! That wasn’t in the script! Which of you doofuses did that?”

The portly man raised his hand.

“You, Raymond? You’re supposed to die a piteous death, remember?”

Raymond shrugged. “It startled me.”

“Well, boo-hoo. If you can’t control that laservision thing of yours, you’re out.”

“OK, Mr. Director.”

“Ready on the set! You guys in the back got that monster ready?”

A timid man appeared over the hilltop. “About that, Mr. Director?”

“What? Spit it out.”

The man pointed a quivering finger at the dead hulk of flesh, still sprawled on the grassy hill. “That wasn’t our monster.”

Raymond suddenly found himself the recipient of dazzling smiles from every woman in the building. It looked like he’d have a date tonight!


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Sooki Scott said...

Smart guy--Raymond. That’s one way to get a date.

Confucius says, "Learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous."