Sunday, April 19, 2009

Super EE 8

Hoist by his own cliche, he stood in front of the mirror.

And admired.

Sideburns firmly in place. Impeccably groomed, as ever. The soft jawline that spoke of daily doughnuts. After all, what is life without a few pleasures? Rewards, once the days work is done. Unpleasant work, for unpleasant masters.

His nostrils, not a hair out of place. Just forever plagued by the scent of smouldering.

Ears, folded back neatly agains the side of his head. As still as the room was now, inside his ears they were still screaming.

The glasses...ah the glasses. No longer the chic, wire-rimmed frames of his latter days. The editing days, when all he had to concern himself over was the fate of a few minions. Now he wore heavy, dark sunglasses. Now he was concerned with the fate of the world.

Once he saw words. Now he saw only pain.

Still looking straight ahead, unflinching in front of the mirror, he took his glasses off.

Hoist by his own-



Sooki Scott said...

McKoala wrote, "His nostrils, not a hair out of place."

Great line! I chuckled aloud.

Confucius says, "Learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous."

Anonymous said...

Wonderful character study. I think you know EE too well!!