Sunday, May 24, 2009

Talk Show 7

“The ups and downs of your, shall we say, shadow life with the hopeful writers on your blog; the story of it all, the genesis, the opening, if you will, and the continuation through several years of working with them; all make for fine reading. The unsuspected intermittent connection of actual pathos, the pathetic attempts at pathos resulting in bathos, the amazing humor, the occasional crisp, clean surprise, the personalities, clashing and, of course, otherwise…”

Ed smiled. “I note you’ve mixed up the writing and the writers themselves in your description of my book.”

“Well, how can one not?” The interviewer smiled broadly, his hands close to clasped together, fingertips on fingertips; oh so gentle. “After all, each man and woman who writes, underneath all the disclaimers and the disingenuous claptrap regarding theme or intent, are each and every one exposing parts of themselves, wouldn’t you say? Even on blogs?”

Ed nodded. “Of course. Even, and perhaps especially, on blogs. On my blog in particular, that’s the way it was.”

“The place became a shared personality – a give and take – with an absent yet beneficent father figure at the invisible helm? That’s what it seemed to me, when reading the decriptions in your book.”

Ed smiled. “Perhaps.”

“Does the concept of having a shadow life, has it always appealed? To you?”

Ed smiled again. “No. The concept of laughing my ass off, and aiding and abetting others in doing the same, has always appealed. To me.”

“Because it struck me,” said the interviewer, wading on through with his original thought, “that your blog persona was a bit like William Burroughs’s work. What do you think of old Burroughs?”

Ed smiled. “ I think old Burroughs is dead. But his Naked Lunch lives on.”


Ed nodded. “Yes. His Interzone is a shadow world that deserves exposure.”

“As yours does?”

Ed smiled.

--Robin S.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This one is sooooo worthy of the pole position! Perhaps, due to my length of minionhood, I'm biased, but I really love the heck out of this writing contribution. It speaks to me!! Oh, and it made me LOL>

PS I've lost my Naked Lunch at least 3 times, including the one I had autographed by the author, so I really appreciated the Burroughs bit.


Dave F. said...

Huh? What? I always found Burroughs painful and excruciating. This is like an acid flashback to strange deeds and unorthodox times. The world is spinning away.

Robin S. said...

Whoa, Mary - yoy had an autographed copy??!! I'm impressed.

And thanks for saying that about the pole position, honey - but as much as I don't want to, I have to be honest and say the only reason I'm at the pole is because I hit send on my gmail account at 9:56 am! So I was last in. but so glad you liked it!

Hey, Dave. Burroughs is one of my all-time favorite authors - his naked, stripped honesty - and his singular voice - are why.

Anonymous said...

I liked this one, too. Perhaps you can arrange a little prank: everyone posts at 9:59.


Robin S. said...

Hi WB,

Let's do it next weekend!