Sunday, July 12, 2009

Professor EE 4

“You. Sarah. Take this.”

“Oh wow!” Sarah from Hawthorne gushed as she leapt to take the burlap sack EE dragged into the classroom. It was surprisingly sharp. “Mr. Editor, this is such an honor. I have to admit, I signed up for this course just to get some face time.”

“That’s fortunate,” EE grunted, straightening his waistcoat as Sarah wrestled the bag onto the desk. “Since you’re the only sucker who enrolled.”

He upended the sack, dumping out three swords, a ray gun, a rubber chicken and two Chinese food cartons. “There. You’ve got an hour to write a paper incorporating these objects. And by paper I mean best selling novel that I will own the rights to because you wrote it in my class. It’s in that legal waiver on the back of the syllabus.”

“No problem! I’ve already got it.” Sarah dropped her voice dramatically. “If you deliver food and novelty gags to both the future and the past, then you need the right protection--"

“That’s copywriting,” sighed EE. “Go sit down and--”

“No! I’ve got this time:”


The three barbarians creep through the opulent room, careful to approach the alien from downwind so that the spicy scent of their broccoli beef –

“Stop it!” EE shouted, staring at the slugline floating above them. “That’s a screenplay and... How did you even do that?”

Sarah beamed. “Final Draft.”

EE groaned and rubbed his temples. “Why did you have to be the only minion willing to pay for this course?”

For the first time, Sarah’s eager smile faded. “Pay?”

The door slammed open. “EE!” exclaimed Sarah Lawrence, her face flushed as she rushed in. “I’m so sorry I’m late-- Sarah! Hi!”

"Hey, Sarah!"

EE glared malevolently at the first Sarah. “Get out.”

-Sarah from Hawthorne


Anonymous said...

Funny! And really enjoyed the different modes of literary expression.


Dave F. said...

I wonder if there's a really a restaurant named INT. RUBBER CHICKEN PALACE. I'll bet it does a dandy business with the early dinner buffet crowd.

I like the two Sarah's.

sylvia said...

LOL Poor Sarah. Both of them!

Robin S. said...

Oh - good switch! Loved it.

Robin S. said...

P.S. Big Brownie Points for no head-in-sack, girl.

ril said...

Oh my goodness: a duality of Sarahs. Or is that Sarahses. Good fun!