Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cab Ride 7

‘Where ya headed?’

‘5th Avenue. Cinnderellas.’

‘The bun bar? Jeez, you’re my fourth today.’

‘That so?’

‘Heck, yeah. Some weird chick in dungarees, then a business guy, then some wasters from one of those grunge bands, yanno, like Nirvana. I’m a people watcher, see.’

‘That so?’

‘Oh yeah. Ain’t nothin’ escapes my beady eye, and when I’m done drivin’, I write it all out, like a novel. Some day I’m gonna be a famous author.’


‘Problem is, do I set it in space, in the past, or the dinosaur age? Or do I go for the whole fantasy world thing?’


‘What’s it about? Hey — a guy in a taxi. Kinda semi-autobiographical. Only instead of it being me, it’s some other guy in a taxi. Maybe even a different taxi. That’s where the fantasy element comes in. And I figure, got one fantasy, gotta have ‘em all. Like, I dunno — Pokemon. Hence the space thing. Maybe it’s a flying taxi. Maybe I’m an android. Hunting dinosaurs. But not just for the thrill of it. That idea’s been done to death. A “trope”, they call it. Like a dinosaur park is now a trope. So my dinosaurs are all gonna be from the future. Hence the past. The taxi driver is in the past. So it’s like a time travel thing...

* * *

‘...and the monkeys, hell, the monkeys — they’re the guys who poisoned the dudes from the second incarnation after the zombie lords got trashed by the princess, so that all ties in with the burst tyre in chapter 29. Still ain’t decided whether to write it out in prose or rhyming couplets, but I figure — Jesus! How the hell did we end up in LA?’



Sarah Laurenson said...


Oh my!


Wonderful, WO!

Dave F. said...

Please, rhyming couplets. That's the way to go...

writtenwyrdd said...

great one!

Kathleen said...

awesome. really funny!