Sunday, September 20, 2009

PirateSpeak Sermon 8

Arrgh. Vell, mateys, me ol’ mate the Apostle Paul, ‘e was a tentmaker. Arr, ‘e made tents. ‘Cause sometimes, ye just havta reelize a city don’t want no preachers. Arrgh?


Aye, mateys, I see that you agree with me. Now y’see, cities that don’t want no preacher don’t generally mind people who do a hard day’s work. Same goes for other places, like the high seas. Arrgh?


So when I came here, I says to meself, girl, when in Rome. And I got meself a cutlass, and booty for me feet. You remember what I said about me ol’ mate Paul?


So here I am, good sirs and possibly ladies, too. Arrgh?




Dave F. said...

Arr, ‘e made tents

Strangely enough, I just heard a sermon like this a few Sundays ago.

pacatrue said...

I do needz me a witness.


_*Rachel*_ said...

Arr, a tentmaker is a good thing t'be. And arr, there be many types o' coves what want to larn English. Arrgh!

Rick Daley said...

Pulled the whole congregation into it, impressive.