Sunday, March 28, 2010

Detective Story 4

So we’d figured out the problem was in that star system—a star system’s mighty big, you know, and here we are looking for one person. And we had to figure it out, because this spy was leaking info right and left, like a plumber’s first day on the job. Codes, technical info, you name it.

Are you going someplace with this, buddy? I’ve got a novel to edit.

Yeah, yeah. So I was trying to figure out who’d have access to all this know,

and you went through databases and then hit up some of your usual leads, and you couldn’t find anything?

How’d you know?

I’m an editor. Look, this isn’t all that unusual. Don’t you have a feisty blonde in this?

Brunette, actually.

What’s the scoop on her?

Worked at a military base, engaged to a captain, smart but canny enough not to show it.

Aren’t they all. Continue.

She was the leak. Got slammed with a couple of high-powered stun blasts, nearly paralyzed.

That’s it? I thought you said she was feisty, and here you’re saying she’s nearly paralyzed and separated from the one hope of romance in the whole thing. If I don’t hear something about weredingoes, zombies, or pirates in the next dialogue section, you’re striking out.

Uh. So, she falls in love with a space-pirate-turned-admiral? And because of the nearly-paralyzed thing, she has to get a body transplant with a zombie?

Hey, I like that. Throw in a few more zombies, and you’ve got a deal.

Advance and everything?

Two figures, same on royalties if a zero counts as a figure.



Dave F. said...

Give that man an award for being fast on his feet. Good take on the pitch.

Angie said...

Now if we could introduce a werewolf-vampire hybrid who's in love with a zombie who was a fae... we'd have a series!


Tom said...

Gotta love that last line. Sigh.

How about a teenage werewolf-vampire hybrid who is body-conscious about his/her heavy growth of hair?