Sunday, May 30, 2010

SuessStory 6

Queries Green And Raw

I like queries green and raw,
with a side of slaw.
I don't like them with any sauce,
that makes me very cross.
I won't eat them brown and broiled
Or if they're old and soiled.
I won't even touch the plate
I'll heave it at the gate.
Queries cooked - it isn't right
No matter if they're tight.
If queries are fresh and scrunch
Then they're good for brunch.
When queries are fried,
It's like they've died.
I won't eat them up at all,
I'll throw them at the wall.
Queries are my delight,
Some have quite a bite.
Queries are the food I love,
I thank the stars above.
I have so much to chew and chomp,
And taste and mash and stomp.
Queries green and raw are fine,
here's my lunch, they look divine!

-- Bibi

1 comment:

Angie said...

EE likes to chew and spit out minions, too! ; )