Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tang Story 5

When I returned from work, I found her already home. In the dark, I nearly tripped over her. Then I noticed—she was pale and bloodless, lying on the floor. “Kat!” I screamed.

Her eyes flickered open, and a smile ghosted her mouth. “I knew you’d come back, May.”

I held her tightly. “Oh, Kat, so soon?”

She was trying to make her voice light, I could tell. “It’s not so bad, May. I’ll be back soon enough. Remember Gus? They bled every bit of blood from his body, but the next day, there he was, cheerful and whole, glad to be back.”

I held back a sob. “Kat—”

“I’ll reincarnate,” she said. “Like Gus. I’ll come back stronger than ever—you told me so yourself when I was a kid.”

“No, you won’t,” I told her, tears spilling over. “When you’re dead, you’re dead.”

“But you told me yourself!”

“You were a kid,” I said. “I meant to tell you the truth when you were older.”

A shudder ran through Kat’s prone body. “The truth?”

“They replace us when we die. When Gus died, I got the new Gus to pretend he remembered you, so you wouldn’t be hurt.”

I saw the betrayal in her eyes. “This is it, then.”


“When the last of my blood is gone, I’m gone.”

Why did she have to die so young? “Yes. Oh, Kat, I’ll miss you.”

Suddenly, light flooded the room. I squinted up and cried out in horror as they whisked Kat away from me. “Not yet,” I cried. “Don’t take her, not yet!”

“Mom,” rang a celestial voice above me. “The katsup’s empty.”



Dave F. said...

What does that mean for all those tiny ketchup packs I stomped on as a kid? Oh the horror!

Joanna Hoyt said...

Nicely done! I sure didn't see that one coming. And I still haven't figured out who or what Gus was..

_*rachel*_ said...

I decided Mus would be too much of a giveaway.