Thursday, February 24, 2011

Send Stuff

We have only one query in the queue (but not enough fake plots).

We have only one opening in the queue (but no continuations).

EE is beginning to feel that he has finally solved everyone's problems and can take a vacation.


Anonymous said...


Don't go anywhere EE... Dunno what I'd do withoutcha.


Julia B said...

*salutes* Yes Sir, Mr Evil Editor Sir!

*runs off to type and send things*

Trisha said...

*hides* I am too scared! But okay, I'll send you some stuff :P

no-bull-steve said...


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of something I often see on Kitchen Nightmares.

Owners of a long standing restaurant that serves good food cannot understand why they're losing business. Chef Gordon procures a map of the area when the restaurant opened (i.e. 25 years ago) and marks the neighboring restaurants with red dots, usually no more than five. He then shows them a modern map of local restaurants and the results are staggering. Instead of just five in a neighborhood, there are five on every block.

These days there are more query workshop blogs than would-be authors.

150 said...

I...pretty much just send out anything I work on these days. I'll see if I have some openings hanging around.

Anonymous said...

You broke my heart so I sent in both, continuation and guess the plot. Wait a minute, YOU broke my heart! ARGGGGHHHH!

PS Vacations are good. Hope you get one once in a while.