Thursday, February 28, 2013

Openings Needed

I've decided to end the New Beginning feature, because no one is submitting openings anyway. However, it would be nice to finish up the feature with a nice round 1000, which would require 11 more. We managed 1000 cartoons; now if 11 of you so-called writers will submit the opening 150 - 200 words of your latest novel or short story we can do the same with New Beginnings.

Also, if this appeal gets any results, we'll need amusing continuations for the 11 openings, so click the Openings link in the sidebar in the next few days.


Chelsea Pitcher said...

Noooooooo! This is so sad.

I mean, I get it. But still sad.

Thanks for all the opening help you've given in the past!!!


james said...

I'll miss the New Beginnings, too. To be perfectly honest, I'll miss the Continuations for the New Beginnings even more. What I'm wondering, though, is if some people may think they have a legitimate concern about submitting their work. I mean, other than finding out that their writing actually does suck. What I'm really getting at is publication rights. Does submitting the opening of a story to your blog first, cause a writer's work to in any way be compromised when trying to sell to a paying publisher who is asking for first rights? Could that have something to do with why some writers are not submitting?

Evil Editor said...

1. Once the minions have chimed in, the opening will probably be changed.

2. Numerous books whose openings appeared here have gone on to be published.

3. Excerpts from soon-to-be-published works appear in magazines frequently. Publishers arrange it to create buzz.

4. Your 200 words on Evil Editor are no different from the same words on a crit site or your own website.

5. If your opening sucks, better to find out here than to keep sending it out and wondering if it was rejected because it sucks or for the ridiculous reason they gave, like it wasn't right for them.

That said, no doubt there are those who believe that if their first few sentences appear anywhere but in their head or in an encrypted file in their computer, they'll be blackballed from publication for eternity.

Veronica Rundell said...
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Dave Fragments said...

Does submitting the opening of a story to your blog first, cause a writer's work to in any way be compromised when trying to sell to a paying publisher who is asking for first rights?

Not in my experience.

What I have found is that editors have a rough idea of their "ideal story" and they have a lousy way of telling the writer what they want. I read the "what we want" sections online and mostly they always say what is unacceptable. However, when it comes to what thrills them, it's usually - read what I accepted.

The first 150 to 200 words of a 60K to 100K novel is not publishing the novel. IF an agent or an editor uses that as the excuse to reject a novel, then they didn't want it in the first place. It's a cheap excuse. I understand a rejection of "not for me" more than "it lacks style" or "the middle section fades" or "no "f" bombs allowed" ... Those faults can be fixed if an editor likes the premise. "Not what I want" is more honest.

Writers idolize great opening lines in novels. Those take lots of work.
I like EE's NEw Beginnings and used it as a tool to improve my stories. IT's worked for me in a way that benefitted my writing (whether you like what I write or not and I do not assume that anyone likes what I write)...

Jo Antareau said...

Oh no! Quick, send so many openings that he has enough material for the next ten years and reverses his decision.

And queries too. send queries. Lots of them.

james said...

Just got in from work and noticed that 4 of the last 11 Openings have already been submitted. Only 7 to go! But what if there are some out there who might want to send something, but sometimes find themselves working odd and long hours? You know the type--eat, sleep, work, eat, check EE's blog, sleep... Maybe you should up the number of Openings a little for people like that. Another 10 or 20, say. Or 1,000.

ril said...

...and while the threat looms of New Beginnings winding down, The Pope frees up some of his time in order to do more writing.


For the record, EE has my vote for the job.

Chelsea Pitcher said...

It's my suspicion that editors don't have time to troll writing critique sites cross-referencing the submissions they receive with any openings that might get posted here. An editor might visit EE or Query Shark on occasion (every few weeks, or months, or years) to find amusement there, but in general, they're not going out of their way looking for ways to reject us. They want to find good stories. They want to accept them.

I am sad for my future openings that won't have EE and minions to tell me where the story should've gone (i.e. the hilarious continuations.) The fact that I haven't submitted in a while just proves that I should be starting new stories more often than I am.