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Below, listed in the order received, are the titles of books whose query letters have been submitted for ridicule, but which have not been critiqued.

In order to offer the "Guess the Plot" feature with each query critique, Evil Editor needs his minions to suggest amusing fake plots for the titles. Send your fake plots as comments to this post. Try to limit them to 50 words. Don't worry if your plot is ridiculous; the actual plots usually are, as well.

Titles will be added to the list as new query letters come in, so check back. If you would be heartbroken to submit a fake plot, only to find it wasn't used (we usually use five fakes), don't participate. We don't want any hurt feelings out there.

Misgivings of Pawns

The queue is nearly empty! It's the perfect time to submit your query. Yes, you.


John C. Updike said...

I had intended to submit a fake plot for the Celery story but I don't know where to send it.

Evil Editor said...

Same place you sent the comment.

Anonymous said...

"This is me reading a query from a complete imbecile", reads the caption under one of the pictures in Hannah Roger's Photo gallery.

Interestingly she never gave her email address!! What sort of a person, who is looking for query from writer, would do that?

In the absence of her email I am writing here because you endorse her.

Anonymous said...

@ anaonymous
Yeah, that Hannah's got a nerve. Then again, her staff are absolutely gorgeous. When choosing my short list of agents, that's the main criterion I look at, if the staff look like complete trolls, I'm not interested. Because good taste when hiring translates into good taste when reading manuscripts. So Hannah's at the top of my list. And I hear she also refuses to deal with ugly editors, too.

CavalierdeNuit said...

Hey EE! Since I'm a twitter user, and I follow you, would you mind maybe tweeting when new queries appear in the queue please? Thanks!

Evil Editor said...

Good idea.

CavalierdeNuit said...

Yay more queries! I've gotten out of the habit of checking every day, and feel guilty. Please forgive me.